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Join the Lawyer Referral Service

Thousands of people reach out to the ACBA every year, asking the bar association to refer them to a lawyer equipped to handle their specific situation.  The bar association is the trusted source for legal expertise, so it comes with the territory.


How exactly does the bar association handle these inquiries? Through the ACBA Lawyer Referral Service.


Attorneys simply sign up to become an LRS panel attorney and provide the practice areas where they’re currently accepting referrals.  Then, when a potential client reaches out to the ACBA by phone or online for a referral, the LRS screens the call – making sure it’s a legit case – then refers the case out to a panel attorney.


Panel attorneys agree to give the potential client free 30-minute consultation. If it’s a fit, the client then hires the attorney at their regular rate, and the attorney agrees to pay the ACBA a 15 percent referral fee. The LRS generates hundreds of lucrative referrals for participating attorneys.


Curious about joining the LRS but want to give it a test drive? The ACBA now offers a six-month trial deal; rather than signing up for a year at the standard $275 rate, attorneys can sign up for six months for $150. After those six months are up, attorneys can join for a year at the regular price or simply walk away.

The ACBA Lawyer Referral Service meets American Bar Association standards for lawyer referral services. To get started, click the below button to access an application.

A completed Lawyer Referral Service application must include the following:

  1. Completed Lawyer Referral Service application and Membership agreement

  2. Proof of Professional Liability Insurance

  3. Membership fee (see application form for details)


For more, contact attorney Whitney Hughes, Director of the Lawyer Referral Service.

To download an application, click the button to the left.


Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday 
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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