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LRS Interpretation Pilot Program

Imagine trying to sort through a legal issue in a foreign language. That’s quite a daunting task.


Recognizing that English is not the primary language spoken by all potential clients, the ACBA Referral Service Launched a one-year Interpretation Pilot Program on Jan. 1, 2023.


For the first time, this gives clients for whom English is not their first language, the opportunity to use the LRS Service. Through a partnership with Propio Language Services, a third-party interpretation firm, these clients who contact the Lawyer Referral Service can seamlessly be patched into a three-way call with an interpreter.


While the five languages other than English we mostly commonly encounter are Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Nepali and Arabic, Propio can provide interpretation services for nearly any language.


For more information, or to talk to the LRS in a language other than English, simply call 412-261-5555.

Please note: The online referral system is available only in English.

For interpretation, please call 412-261-5555.

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